Buky Schwartz: Re-constructions

I recently completed my MA degree thesis project on the conceptual artist Buky Schwartz. Schwartz is perhaps best known for the video installations and single-channel video art that he created during the 1970s and 1980s. His estate's collection of photographs, video tapes, and other forms of documentation embody the artist's legacy as well as the key to preserving his artwork. 

Video Artist Paul Ryan's Archive

Paul Ryan was a pioneer of his field and can be considered one of the first video artists. The collection of Paul Ryan is now housed in an apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where Ryan lived and worked for much of his career. The following Collection Assessment describes the significance, organization, and condition of the Ryan's analog video collection.

AIGA Electronic Media Survey for the Denver Art Museum

In the course of an 8 week period, the Denver Art Museum (DAM) was able to implement a complex digital preservation strategy quickly and efficiently. Artworks from the museum’s design collection were disk imaged, ingested into the museum’s digital repository, and described in the museum’s collection management system. 

TechFocus iii

“TechFocus iii: Caring for Software-based Art,” a symposium organized by the American Institute for Conservation’s Electronic Media Group, sought to address the difficult task of preserving works created in a constantly evolving medium. Hosted by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the symposium brought together leaders in the field of software-preservation from a variety of cultural institutions to share case studies, provide workshops, and to further develop a network of collection caretakers. The complexities of software-based artworks are immense, and a community of collection professionals (formed through events like these) is essential to providing future access and exhibition of such works.