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Denver Art Museum (2017-present)
Assistant Conservator specializing in electronic media.

Interview with Eddy Colloton - MediaConch Blog (2017)
I was interviewed by Ashley Blewer on my use of the MediaConch application in my NDSR residency at LPB and in my current position at the Denver Art Museum.

Built to Past: Floppy Disk and VHS Art Need Creative Conservation (2017)
Interview for Colorado public radio station KUNC with Kate Moomaw and myself, on the preservation of electronic media in the Denver Art Museum collection.

National Digital Stewardship Resident (2016-2017)
Academic fellowship at Louisiana Public Broadcasting, creating digital preservation workflows for recently produced public television, as well as digital preservation masters of legacy analog video. Blog posts describing my project, as well as professional development activities during my residency can be found here:

SAA Conference, "Planning for Preservation in Public Media" panel presentation (2017)
A panel of American Archive of Public Broadcasting National Digital Stewardship residents present on their their work developing archival infrastructures at public media stations around the country. They discuss their experience as an NDSR cohort and their strategies to integrate preservation best practices within a broadcasting environment, with a focus on shared tools and resources, professional networks, and collaboration.
Slides available here

American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki
The American Archive of Public Broadcasting Wiki is a technical preservation resource guide for public media organizations, created as a final project by the AAPB NDSR cohort. Selena Chau, Eddy Colloton, Adam Lott, Kate McManus, Lorena Ramírez-López, and Andrew Weaver have highlighted their collaboration and shared their resources, workflows, and documents used for managing audiovisual assets in all their possible formats and environments. AAPB staff and the residents hope that this Wiki will be an evolving resource. We welcome your participation and contributions!

NDSR Symposium, "Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting: A Case Study of the American Archive of Public Broadcasting’s National Digital Stewardship Residencies" panel presentation (2017)
A conversation between the residents around the successes and challenges of the first geographically dispersed cohort in the residency program. 
Slides available here

Louisiana Public Broadcasting Digital Preservation Plan
The objective of the LPB Digital Preservation Plan was to document the station’s current digital preservation procedures, and to make recommendations for improvement. The plan discusses the benefits of creating MediaInfo and MediaConch reports, as well as fixity checks, and how to apply those tools in a production environment. The plan also describes the benefits of using uncompressed and lossless codecs for the preservation of analog video, the methodology and strategy behind planning for LTO tape generation migrations, the importance of collecting production documentation in audiovisual archiving, and much more. While the policies and procedures described in the plan are specific to LPB, I think that there’s certainly information to be gleaned from the plan whether you are working in a public broadcasting archive or not.

Challenges of Removable Media in Digital Preservation - Webinar
Removable storage media could be considered the most ubiquitous of digital formats. From floppy disks to USB flash drives, these portable, inexpensive and practical devices have been relied upon by all manner of content producers. Unfortunately, removable media is rarely designed with long-term storage in mind. Each of these formats are unique, and carry with them their own risks. The discussion will include a brief description of the way information is written and stored on such formats, before detailing solutions and technology for retrieving data from these unreliable sources. (Originally aired January 12, 2017)
Recording available here

AMIA Conference, "Planning for Preservation in Public Media: An AAPB NDSR Update" panel presentation (2016)
From developing workflows, to auditing metadata standards, to querying file-based collections, the AAPB NDSR cohort discussed a number of important areas and exciting projects in audiovisual stewardship from the perspective of nonprofit organizations

IASA Conference, "Building a Digital Preservation Community in Public Broadcasting" panel presentation (2016)
Panel presentation and discussion between the American Archive of Public Broadcasting NDSR cohort on the importance of collaboration and community in digital preservation

Moving Image Archiving and Preservation MA Degree (2014-2016)
New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
My coursework for the MIAP program was varied, everything from hands on film inspection to collections management and everything in between. Some highlights for me were preserving an interactive cyber punk hypertext novel originally released on 3.5" floppy disc, collaborating with the New York MoMA media conservation team to research multi-slide projector synchronization systems, and preforming my thesis on pioneering video artist Buky Schwartz.

AMIA Conference, Poster Presentation (2015)
I designed and presented a poster titled Workflows for Born Digital Materials in a Museum Collection, which summarized much of the work I had done at the Denver Art Museum over the course of the summer of 2015.

UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage Screening (2015)
Organizer and presenter of screening at NYPL for the Performing Arts
. This screening was curated by the NYU AMIA student chapter. I acted as organizer and presenter, inviting guest speakers and musicians to preform live scores to archival 16mm films and digital video projection.

Film-makers' Cooperative (2015)
Over the course of serval months, I interned for the Film-makers' Co-op, establishing intellectual control and management of digital assets. The FMC has an extraordinary collection of avant-garde and experimental cinema, and I was able to learn a lot from the members and staff of this historic organization.

AMIA Continuing Online Education Task Force (2015)
Contributed to curriculum of Best Practices for Small and Personal Audiovisual Archives webinars
(both available on demand). 

Denver Art Museum (2015)
Working in the conservation department of the Denver Art Museum, I collaborated with curators, IT professionals, registrars, the development team, and the rest of the conservation department to help preform the AIGA Electronic Media Conservation Survey and Museum Library Collection Assessment.

New (+Old) Media Symposium (2015)
I was honored to be a presenter at the New (+Old) Media Symposium in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Click through to read my description of the week.

Paul Ryan Collection Assessment (2015)
Inventory and condition assessment of video artist Paul Ryan's collection. Ryan worked primarily with 1/2" open-reel video, the first video format available to artists. Click through to read my collection assessment and to see images of objects in the collection.

Centro de Estudios Puertorriqueños (2015)
My duties at Centro were varied, allowing me to gain insight into the workings of an active archive, and to develop experience researching condition assessment and cataloging techniques for audiovisual formats I was not familiar with, such as lacquer discs, 1/4" audio tape, Umatic video tape, VHS, and audio cassette tapes.

Carnegie Hall Archives (2014)
With the help of a classmate, I preformed a collection assessment of digital materials in the Carnegie Hall archives, assessing security issues, environmental concerns, and OAIS compliance.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2011-2014)
My responsibilities as a Time-Based Media Technician at LACMA included working with artists, curators, and art professionals to prepare and install video and media artworks, maintain LACMA's digital video archive and to preform general maintenance of all audiovisual installations at the museum.