AIGA Electronic Media Survey for the Denver Art Museum

The following text is an excerpt from the report I submitted to the Denver Art Museum's Conservation department, upon completion of my project. 
To download the full report as a PDF, click here.
Totally candid picture of me mounting a 3.5" floppy disk at my workstation 

Totally candid picture of me mounting a 3.5" floppy disk at my workstation 

The AIGA, or American Institute for Graphic Arts, is a professional organization committed to promoting design, and designers. In 1980, the organization began recognizing examples of exceptional design in different areas, be they communication design, environmental design, experience design, etc. The recipients of the AIGA’s accolades were entered into the AIGA Archives. In 2006, curator R. Craig Miller negotiated for the Denver Art Museum to be the steward of these archives. Associate Curator Darrin Alfred is now responsible for the exhibition and study of the collection.
The AIGA Archives, as they exists in the Denver Art Museum’s collection, consists of over 700 objects. These objects are in a variety of formats from 35mm slides to VHS tapes, to floppy disks and USB flash drives. I began correspondence with my internship supervisor in the conservation department, Kate Moomaw, while still in New York. We discussed the collection in depth, and ultimately agreed to focus the internship on the removable media in the collection.

This poster was presented at the AMIA conference in 2015

The objective of the internship was to catalog these works stored on removable media, namely floppy disks, USB flash drives, and optical disks, while simultaneously migrating those works off of their unstable carriers and into a digital repository. To accomplish this, we needed to establish a controlled lexicon to appropriately describe electronic media in the museum’s collection management system, Argus. This lexicon would then need to be approved and managed by the Registrar's department, who are responsible for Argus. Lastly, I felt it was essential to establish “buy-­in” from the Conservation, Registrar, Curatorial and IT departments on the maintenance and use of the museum’s digital repository, referred to as the Collections Server. It is my feeling that all of these goal were achieved.
Over the course of an 8­ week period, 70 unique born ­digital works were cataloged and ingested into the museum’s digital repository.

Below are three videos I created to document my process of ingesting and cataloging the born digital works in this collection. This process is complicated, and while I hope these videos are helpful to others embarking on similar projects, if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
***If the videos below appear blurry, try clicking the greyed out "HD" button in the bottom right corner of the playback window. I'm also happy to share original files with anyone interested.***

Complete List of Works in this Survey (Or browse all works from the AIGA Archives on their website
TV commercial, Boys and Girls Club ­ 2007.168.1­6
99 Problems [the typographic remix] ­ 2007.169.1­4

Afra: "Digital Breath" music video ­ 2007.170.1­4
“Advertising and Promotion, 2 Entries” ­ 2007.171.1­4
Tricycle Exhibition, NeoCon 2004 ­ 2007.172.1­4
Interactive marketing campaign, Shaun White ­ 2007.173.1­4
Yahoo Racing Game ­ 2007.174 and 2007.174.1

"Anthem," Chicago Tribune ­ 2007.175.1­4
Chime ­ 2007.249.1­4
Nike Presto 03, Nike Presto 04, Direct TV, HP Anthem ­ 2007.478.1­4
"No Limits" Identities ­ 2007.485.1­4
E! Entertainment Television Network Redesign ­ 2007.488.1­4
AIGA "Voice" Animation ­ 2007.490.1­3
MADSCROLL Website ­ 2007.491.1­3
New York Film Festival 40th Anniversary Trailer Director's Cut ­ 2007.492.1­6

"Harley­Davidson: the 100th Anniversary Open Road Tour" Exhibition ­ 2007.493.1­3 MADSCROLL ­ 2007.494.1­3
BodyPaint ­ 2007.497.1­7
“364/24 video loop” ­ 2007.498.1­4

MTV "Spring Break 2002" Show Packaging ­ 2007.499.1­4
MTV "Spring Break 2002" Show Packaging ­ 2007.501.1­4
Dancing Jeans, Big in 2002, Sonic Cinema, Q101 WOW, MTV Clone High USA, Courage the Cowardly dog, The Art of Losing ­ 2007.504.1­4
Art as Experience/Art as Experiment ­ 2007.1281.1­5
Snow Monkey ­ 2007.1283.1­4
MTV's "Fashionably Loud" ­ 2007.1284.1­4
Nickelodeon Reface ­ 2007.1285.1­4
Thomas E. Wilson Foods Cooked Meat ­ 2007.1286.1­4
Burton "Cracker" Animated Brand Identity Tag ­ 2007.1678.1­4
Compostmodern 09 conference campaign ­ 2011.15.3
Chicago 2016 ­ 2011.16.2
The Holiday Bus Drive ­ 2011.23.1­3
Parker Marketing Identity ­ 2011.29.2
I Like Music Logo(s) ­ 2011.39.2
Nick Jr. IDs: Bouncing Ball, Ants, Reindeer, Owls, Counting Creatures ­ 2011.92.1­3
PBS Go! ­ 2011.93.1­3
T Magazine ­ 2011.94
Boom Boom Pow ­ 2011.96.1­3
Gravity ­ 2011.97.1­3 ­ 2011.99
AM Theme ­ 2011.101.1­3
Real Good Experiment ­ 2011.103
Not For Tourists iPhone Application ­ 2011.104
Body Collective ­ 2011.105
Chipotle iPhone app ­2011.106.1­4
Michael Jackson's Legacy: Readers React ­ 2011.107
Timekeeper Interactive ­2011.108.1­3
Catalone Design Co. Promotional Video ­ 2011.111.1­3
Céna garçons ­ 2011.112.1­3
Puma L.I.F.T. ­ 2011.113
Rock Docs ­ 2011.114.1­3

Herman Miller ­ 2011.115.2
Dream Baku ­ 2011.116.1­3
The Saint Johns Bible Website ­ 2011.117.2
AIGA MAKE/THINK Conference ­ Title Sequences & Motion Graphics ­ 2011.118.1­5 Ambidextrous ­ 2011.119.1­3
Paris & 3 Glasses ­ 2011.120.1­3
Fanta Visual Identity System Launch Video ­ 2011.121.1­3
Roca Barcelona Gallery ­ 2011.126
From Memory to Action: Meeting the Challenge of Genocide ­ 2011.127.2­4
Le Musee Grandit (The Museum of Growing) ­ 2011.129.2­4
John Lennon: The New York City Years ­ 2011.132.2­4
Christian Dior temporary store ­ 2011.134.2­4
26DC: Get Used to the Seats ­ 2012.114.1­3
“CG 18 ­ Caps + Stmts” ­ 2007.1879.1­3
BRNR Website ­ 2007.1992.1­4
FontBoy Interactive Catalog ­ 2007.2591.1­3
Soul Coughing Interactive Press Kit ­ 2007.2592.1­3
MTV Online, Where's the Beat and Online Buzzclips, etc. ­ 2007.2593.1­7
Hal Apple Design, Inc. Website ­ 2007.2735.1­6